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Calgary & Area SCUBA


How many divers, both new and existing are looking for SCUBA buddies? I for one have no one to dive with in the summer. With people moving away and busy schedules, it seems like you need a long list of buddies to increase your chances of finding someone available.

I used to go up to Lake Minnewanka every Sunday with a group of people and we had a couple dives and a BBQ for lunch.

Time to check out the local dive club and get to know more people. If you run one of the clubs, please drop me a line and I can promote you on this site.


SCUBA Buddies


SCUBA AlFor a number of years we have been diving a lot, almost every Sunday during the summer months at various lakes near Calgary.  Most of our time is spent with many other divers along the causeway of Lake Minnewanka in Banff, Alberta.

We would like to hear from you on how often you go diving, and where.  If you don’t go diving very often then what is the main reason for that?  Would you dive more if you had more people that wanted to go?  When you do go diving do you make a day of it and bring out the BBQ?

Please share your experiences with everyone.

We are back!


Hey folks, welcome back to  This will be our new home… hopefully perminently.  For more information on why we were gone and stuff, please check out the about page.