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SCUBA is a very unique sport. People seem to gather together and form communities to support and encourage each other. Clubs can help you find a dive buddy to ensure you always have someone to go out diving with, and let’s face the facts, it is much safer that way. is happy to provide this site to help assist in bringing the SCUBA community together. On this page, we showcase many of the SCUBA clubs and not-for-profit organizations that encourage the sport and throw events and other special functions to give SCUBA enthusiasts an excuse to dive and a way to make new friends.

Since I am in Calgary, Alberta, Canada I will start with listing the clubs that I know of in Calgary and Alberta. I STRONGLY recommend that you submit any clubs that you know about in your area so we can make this list extensive and globally useful. Ultimately I will be hooking up a database back-end so people can do searches.

Country: Canada
Province: Alberta
City: Calgary

City: Edmonton

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