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Another interesting part about SCUBA diving is the relationship between divers and their local dive store.

A dive store provides a hub for all diving activities. Stores supply tank fills, equipment, instruction, advice and organize dive adventures and trips. If you are not already supporting your local dive store, then get into it. It is through community that this sport will thrive on. If you are willing to drive to the other side of town to save $5.00 then you may end up driving to the other side of town every time you need something becuase the store close to you could not keep its doors open.

Again, because I live in Calgary I am going to start this site off by listing the stores in Calgary and Alberta. I STRONGLY encourage you to submit any information you have on dive stores in your area. Better yet, next time your in your local shop, please give them the address to this website and tell them they may want to get themselves listed here. Ultimately I will be hooking up a database back-end so people can do searches.

Country: Canada
Province: Alberta
City: Calgary

City: Edmonton

City: Lethbridge

City: Red Deer

City: Wainwright

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